Mark Sanchez’s future with Broncos could be in jeopardy

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — It is safe to say things haven’t exactly worked out the way Mark Sanchez hoped they would with the Denver Broncos.

Sanchez arrived in Denver after a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles as an eighth-year player with 72 NFL starts. He wasn’t promised anything, but was penciled in as the potential starting quarterback and said, “I’m thrilled with the opportunity.”

“I squandered a great opportunity to separate myself and put the team in a bad situation,” Sanchez said following the game. “No excuse for that poor, poor quarterback play.”

Sanchez was also asked if it was difficult to not know who would be the team’s starter so deep in the preseason. He simply said: “It’s difficult playing like crap on two plays and ruining an opportunity. That’s difficult.”

“That’s Mark; he’s a competitive guy,” Kubiak said Monday. “He talked about opportunity. I saw some of the comments. That’s the type of guys you want out there battling every day. I’m proud of all of them. They’ve been working hard. … Mark is a competitor. He’ll bounce back.”

Last year, 16 quarterbacks scored 250 or more points in ESPN standard scoring fantasy leagues.

That pace pushed the fantasy quarterback position to score 8,301 points. It was the highest point total the fantasy quarterback position has scored dating back to at least the 2001 season. Quarterbacks also accounted for 21.8 percent of all fantasy points, the highest total in that category since at least 2001.

This glut of impact performers is having an effect on how fantasy owners value quarterbacks, thus causing players at this position to be both overvalued and undervalued.

This second in a four-part series reviewing overvalued and undervalued fantasy prospects aims to highlight the outliers in these categories. This outlier group begins with the reigning fantasy points champion, an honor that has driven his fantasy price much higher than it should be to claim the highest average draft position (ADP) for quarterbacks in ESPN leagues this season.

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