he carries the weight for what available fill-in quarterback isn’t playing.

Authentic Kids Travis Dermott Jersey Houston can’t do anything about its rivals’ upgraded defenses, but there’s an easy fix that will allow Watson or Savage a little extra security — the team can pay Duane Brown. Brown, a three-time Pro Bowler, has been an anchor of the team’s offensive line since 2008, protecting the blindsides of passers like Matt Schaub, Brian Hoyer, and Ryan Fitzpatrick at left tackle. He wasn’t on the field Sunday, however; instead, he’s stuck in a contract holdout that’s scratched the team’s most reliable blocker from the lineup.

Brown is due $9.4 million this year and $9.75m the next, but neither of those years are guaranteed. He’s angling for a new contract or extension that would provide some additional security as the miles pile up on his football odometer. The former All-Pro just turned 32, but he still played at a high level last fall.

And yes, he carries the weight for what available fill-in quarterback isn’t playing. He told the Indianapolis Star last month that the Colts spoke to possible free-agent replacements, considered a few — but none of them was Colin Kaepernick.

Authentic Kids Shaquille O’Neal Jersey Fine. Just more reaping of what he sowed. Irsay, that is. The league’s first Sunday was littered with the debris of lousy quarterback play by teams that flinched when considering Kaepernick. The biggest pile of debris belonged to the Colts. It’s what they — and the owner — brought on themselves.

And as the season keeps falling apart, so does the prime of Luck’s career. The idea two seasons ago that the Colts were going to blow their window with him was dismissed by many as premature and reactionary. Doesn’t seem that way anymore. They’re plunging right back to the nadir that positioned them to get Luck in 2012 in the first place.

That’s the owner clearing the Colts’ path back to the bottom. All the people and things that are to blame — Irsay is to blame for all of them.

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