Jackson could end up being KU’s best perimeter defender

This team is different. Or rather, that team was different — the youthful outlier in Self’s otherwise balanced personnel portfolio. For most of Self’s tenure, KU’s success has been built not merely on talent acquisition but on player development, that gradual, old-fashioned process of incremental, collective improvement. Despite significant year-over-year Rees Odhiambo Authentic Jersey personnel losses — Ellis graduated after a sterling, four-year career, and a host of others, including Selden, Cheick Diallo, Jamari Traylor, Brannen Greene and Hunter Mickelson, are gone too — the 2016-17 edition is still very much that kind of team, led by seniors (Frank Mason III, Lucas) and juniors (Devonte’ Graham) at its core.

Where the massively hyped Wiggins (and Embiid) needed to dominate from the outset, Jackson has the luxury of integrating with a group of players who have already pretty much seen it all. That is, fittingly enough, a perfect forum for his game — itself a combination of star-level athletic prowess and the kinds of contributions that don’t make YouTube mixtapes.

“The thing about him is — and I think Richard Sherman Authentic Jersey this is a good thing — sometimes you go watch somebody play, and right away after 10 minutes, they’re making every shot, and you just go, ‘Wow,'” Self said of Jackson. “Josh is a guy that the more you watch him, you go, ‘Wow.’

Their frustration didn’t subside as the game went on, either – especially for Rex Ryan.

With the game on the line and the Bills trailing 31-25, Tyrod Taylor scrambled to his left, attempting to buy time to allow his receivers to come open. He unleashed a pass in the direction of Robert Woods in the middle of the end zone, but it was off-target and broken up by Earl Thomas. Game over.

On the near side of the field, Richard Sherman could be seen leveling a Bills receiver. At first glance, it looked as though the hit was blatantly obvious illegal contact. Had it been called, the Bills would have been given 5 yards and an automatic first down, thus extending the game. Only, it wasn’t a flag because Sherman is a defensive savant.

He wasn’t penalized because once the quarterback leaves the pocket, illegal contact against receivers is no longer enforced. That doesn’t mean DBs can grab and hold receivers, preventing them from breaking free, but making contact with them is perfectly legal. Sherman understood that rule – which many cornerbacks probably don’t – and used it to his advantage.

Much will be made about the officials’ missed calls at the end of the first half, and of Sherman’s seemingly illegal play at the end of the game. While the former is debatable, the latter is not. It was a perfectly legal hit, and a brilliant play by one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

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