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NFL predictions for 2017: Final standings, playoff projections and Super Bowl pick

Game Youth Nashville Predators Jersey
Here are Sporting News’ predictions for the 2017 NFL season, including final division standings, playoff seeding, conference championships and our Super Bowl pick.

At that point, Cincinnati and Burfict will have learned absolutely nothing from the exercise. If that’s the intent of the punishment, it’s doomed to fail. The Bengals lost their best defensive player for a third of the season because of a questionable play that will happen a lot, especially in the black-and-blue-is-encouraged AFC North. How many hits like that does one see during a Steelers-Ravens game?

When more questions like that are asked, it becomes more clear that this punishment misses the mark.

If the suspension is not overturned or at least taken down a few games, this creates a we’re-getting-screwed narrative out of Cincinnati. It looks that way, too. Imagine Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension being appealed down to three games, or if a Pittsburgh linebacker has a similar hit in a game and isn’t suspended. The comparative tweets will come by the thousands.

As the general manager of the team with the longest current NFL playoff drought, Brandon Beane’s moves of late are not building confidence among the long-suffering Bills fan base.
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Buffalo’s last playoff appearance was the 1999 wild-card game in Tennessee, the Music City Miracle. I was in my first year as team president of the Titans when Kevin Dyson scored the game-winning touchdown after catching a wild, cross-field lateral on a kickoff return.