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Russell Westbrook smashed a completely unnecessary dunk all over Clint Capela

This is savagery. This is hellbent fury unleashed upon Clint Capela for no other reason than Russell Westbrook felt like posterizing someone before the game ended. This is maniacal basketball.

Let’s take a quick step back. 1. The Thunder have a three-point lead. 2. They have the ball. 3. There’s seven seconds left, and all they need to do is run out the clock. Westbrook could have caught the inbounds pass, spun around in the corner for a couple of seconds, and waited for the Rockets to intentionally foul him for two free throws that could ice the game. Under conventional logic, Westbrook should have done just that.

Head coach Tom Thibodeau voiced his frustrations John Paxson Authentic Womens Jersey in the postgame press conference.

Just 10 games into their season, Thibodeau and the Timberwolves still have plenty of time remaining to solve the third-quarter mystery.

Curry was impressed with Drake’s trash talk, even if it didn’t ultimately affect his 35-point evening.

“He tried to come with his A-game, take us out of our game,” Curry said. “Those are just the kind of fun back-and-forth moments that you have with guys that you know.”

Green also fired off this zinger.

Draymond: “Drake’s boots cost them the game tonight.”

Obviously none of this is a serious beef between Drake and the Warriors. It’s just the two sides having some fun with it.

“These are the nights where we just agree to say whatever needs to be said, then Kirk Hinrich Authentic Womens Jersey we’ll put it all behind us,” Drake said. “We’ll go out and pretend it never happened.”

Well, maybe except for KD, who actually looked sort of pissed. Drake might need another jersey next time he visits the Bay Area.