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How Texans can accelerate Brock Osweiler’s growth

Osweiler’s tape from the 2015 season doesn’t jump off the screen. Sure, there are some big-time throws when Osweiler holds the free safety and delivers a strike to target the seam, post or deep crosser (here’s one example). And his footwork/pocket management is better than I expected. For a big man (6-foot-8, 240 pounds), Osweiler is pretty well-groomed in the pocket with his ability to slide, climb or throw the shoulder forward versus edge pressure. Plus, he can get to the edge of the pocket on boot schemes. He’s athletic.

But Osweiler is not a true deep-ball quarterback. In 2015, on passes thrown 20 or more yards downfield, he ranked 30th in completion rate (25 percent) and 31st in Total QBR (35.7). Based on the tape, he lacks accuracy and deep-ball velocity on throws over the top of the defense. Instead, his production — and his fit under O’Brien — will come in the short-to-intermediate game.

Sports fans are getting better and better food at their stadiums, arenas and ballparks, and that trend will continue with the upcoming NFL season.

One of the major trends in 2016 will be potatoes, in many forms, with interesting toppings.

Aramark, which provides the food at 11 NFL venues, is leading the way.

“French fries are the third-most popular food item, behind hot dogs and pretzels, at our NFL venues,” said Carl Mittleman, Aramark president. “Last NFL season we sold 500,000 orders of fries. Topped fries and poutines are growing on industry menus, so we looked for a way to make the classic fry even more enticing, to capitalize on the trend.”

Or to expect the Americans to register more than the whopping two blocked shots they’ve managed in the past two games.

“This isn’t a tournament that we’re going to just dominate,” Team USA swingman Paul George said. “There’s talent around this world and they’re showcasing it. For us, it’s just figuring out how we’re going to win. We’re having spurts of dominating, but we’re just not finding ways to put a full 40 minutes together.”

Krzyzewski lamented what he described as a fourth-quarter letdown when the Americans “felt like we had the game won.” George spoke of squandering “that moment when we looked like we were gonna steamroll ’em.”

Down 16 late in the third quarter, playing “loose” and “free” to use Krzyzewski’s words and undoubtedly inspired by the troubles Australia and Serbia caused the heavy favorites, France uncorked a rally that clinched yet another uncomfortable postgame round of what’s-wrong probing from the assembled media before the medal round.