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Sixers fans are raising money in honor of Joel Embiid’s ‘F*** LaVar Ball’ fine

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Joel Embiid and LaVar Ball have beef and it’s heating up months before the NBA season is even set to start. Recently, Embiid said F*ck LaVar Ball, during an Instagram live session, and the NBA fined him $10,000. Now, fans have started a GoFundMe page to Pay JoJo’s fine. The fundraiser has already totaled more than $2,000, and though the money won’t actually go to Embiid, it will go to the SPCA.

Lonzo Ball and Joel Embiid haven’t even played against each other on the court yet and things are getting heated. For now, we get to see Lonzo in summer league, where he’s already become THE person to watch. But the season is only three and a half months away.
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And as far as the beef goes, at least this is contributing to a nice cause on GoFundMe, where 177 people have donated in 19 hours.

It speaks to the low depth of centers on the free agent market that Noel is easily No. 1 on this list. A top-level defender, Noel doesn’t do anything he can’t. He’s somewhere between Tyson Chandler and Bismack Biyombo. Noel’s yet to have a really good point guard to set him up off picks-and-rolls — perhaps within a couple years, Dallas draftee Dennis Smith will get there and boost Noel’s scoring output to double-digits.

Dallas will pay whatever it takes to keep Noel, a restricted free agent. He’s going nowhere.

Gasol’s defense has fallen off considerably (not that it was ever elite), but he remains quite effective as a scorer, rebounder, and passer as he approaches his 37th birthday. The Spurs have apparently worked out a deal to re-sign him after he graciously opted out of a mammoth contract, so expect to see Pau stay in the silver and black for a couple more seasons.