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Bryn Forbes probably would have won Summer League MVP.

Kristian: I play a lot of NBA 2K, and one thing I like to do is draft out teams in MyGM mode and see how they do. And every time, I make sure to get guys who can play more than one position and at least compete on defense. Marcus Morris is one of those guys. He’s a tough-nosed wing who really showed himself as a gifted scorer in Detroit before being traded to Boston.
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Whitney: Every team needs a tough guy. Someone that will go to battle with you no matter what the circumstance. It’s why the Backstreet Boys had A.J. McClean and NSYNC had Chris Kirkpatrick. You need a tough guy in every successful group.

Youth Margus Hunt Jersey Kristian: Had it not been for Lonzo Ball, Bryn Forbes probably would have won Summer League MVP. The guy looked like Damian Lillard in Las Vegas, fundamentally picking defenders apart at the cellular level to the tune of 26 points per game.

This would be the greatest transaction in NBA history. It would finally catapult Cleveland somewhere on the list of places people actually want to visit. We have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, locals will tell you, but rock hasn’t really been in for almost two decades. What about the lakes? Ain’t nobody worried about no lake, Cleveland.

But good fried chicken? People travel for that. And what goes best with some good chicken? Some mumbo sauce and a bit of percussion on a beat.

It’s LeBron James, the greatest basketball star this generation going to the biggest market on the planet. There’s no explanation necessary for this one. With LeBron and the players who will flock to join him in New York, the Knicks can see their first championship since 1973 and bring true joy to a fan base that’s been neglected for decades.