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In Washington, QBs, GMs, fans’ hopes go up in smoke in just five years

So, folks running the Washington franchise. These entire past five years — what was that all about?

You know, the five years that began with trading to get Robert Griffin III and also grabbing that fourth-round steal in Kirk Cousins, then instigating a civil war over who should be the top dog at the position, then starting a separate war over who decides who stays, then yet another war over who decides how much to pay the survivor. Those five years?
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How does an NFL team draft two productive yet polarizing quarterbacks in the same draft in 2012, win two division titles and claim three winning records, go through three management teams and two head coaches, move heaven and earth to either make one of them happy or drive one of them off, and reach 2017 right back where you started?

This would be the last straw for the fan faithful, if they hadn’t already declared so many last straws before. The latest declarations are coming fast and furious in the wake of the latest revelations about the — yes, it’s becoming one huge beaten-down cliche, but still — dysfunction in the front office:

But either way, McCown gets another chance, on another team that thinks he’s what they really need.
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Put aside for a moment where this 16-year-long, league-wide man-crush on McCown is coming from (including a year in the United Football League). With all the reaction to Colin Kaepernick’s continued unemployment that insists that nobody owes him a job, the NFL sure acts as if it owes McCown an annual paycheck — including his last two teams, the Buccaneers and Browns, who have also given him a combined 22 starts in the last three seasons and have lost 20 of them.